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BAGGAGE offers the ideal luggage set for travel and business combining notable style with the latest design and the utmost attention to quality and durability.

BAGGAGE product portfolio includes:

Bag, handbag, shoulderbag, eveningbag, schoolbag, backpack, sportbag, travelbag, garmentbag, portfolio, luggage, suitcase, trolley, laptopbag, computerbag, wallet, coinpocket, cardholder, namecardholder, belt, umbrella, clutch, bags, handbags, shoulderbags, eveningbags, schoolbags, backpacks, sportbags, travelbags, portfolios, luggages, suitcases, trolleys, laptopbags, computerbags, wallets, coinpockets, cardholders, namecardholders, belts, umbrellas, clutches

BAGGAGE brand portfolio includes:

Gianna, Beaute, Poem, Charters, Baggage, The Bag, Code, Delsey, Rainflower, Doppler, David Jones, Gussaci, Daniel-Ray, Enrico Benetti, Confidence, Elsa Walls, Pearl